How to choose best badminton racquet for you

Hello all badminton players! When playing badminton, one of the most important things is choosing your racquet. It's little difficult to do that because badminton racquet has many types and many sizes. Here we show how to choose a best racquet for you.

How to choose best badminton racquet for you

  • Racquet weight (U):
U Weight (g) Usage
1U 95-99.9 Training
2U 90-94.9 Attacking Singles
3U 85-89.9 Singles/Attacking Doubles
4U 80-84.9 Doubles/Defensive Singles
5U 75-79.9 Defensive Doubles

  • Grip size (G):
G Size (mm)
G2 102
G3 95
G4 89
G5 83

  • String tension:
Tension (lbs) Player types
18-21 Beginners
22-24 Juniors/Club Players
25-28 Advanced Players
29-35 Country/Professional Players

  • Balance of Weight:
Weight of racquet head Usage
Heavier than racquet grip Attacking
Lighter than racquet grip Defensive
Equals with racquet grip Attacking as well as Defensive

That's all. Wish you succeed!
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